About Evening Edition

Evening Edition is the perfect commute-sized way to catch up on the news after a long day at work. Our team of editors bring you a selection of top stories at 5pm local time each weekday for New York, San Francisco, London and Paris. Brought to you by Mule Design.

We’re all constantly awash in a torrent of news-like “updates”, in between fake celebrity death tweets, divorce notices on Facebook and new-puppy Tumblrs. How is anyone supposed to sift through all of that to get to the important stuff?

To help answer that, we built Evening Edition. It’s a summary of the day’s news, written by an actual journalist, with links to the best reporting in the world, published once a day. It’s optimized for your iPhone and iPad so you can read it on the train home or on the couch. It can be the starting point for a deep-dive or just enough so you sound erudite at your next cocktail party.

It’s breaking news for the slow web.

The Evening Edition Team

Miranda Mulligan


Journalist, designer, strategist, speaker, and, in general, an Internaut! Miranda is the director of the Knight Lab at Northwestern University. Previously the design director for digital at The Boston Globe, where she led the responsive web design approach for BostonGlobe.com.

Julia Holleman

Julia is Evening Edition's New York Editor. She is a Brooklyn-based playwright and the Head Writer for Impossible Bottle Theater Company. On the side, she nurses an unhealthy affection for Doctor Who villains.

Felipe Marra Mendonça

Felipe is Evening Edition's London Editor and a freelance journalist for Brazilian publications. He likes proper football, good books, and buys more headphones than he should.

Céline Mouzon

Céline is a freelance journalist based in Paris, and the editor of our Paris edition. She is a dedicated sea-salt-chocolate eater, an unapologetic feminist, and a committed biker.

Ash Ponders

Ash is Evening Edition's San Francisco Editor. He is a poet and the CEO of a small services company. His favorite things are monk straps, gauloises, zeljanica, and the works of Joan Miró.

Alexia Underwood

Alexia is Evening Edition's Cairo Editor. She's a freelance journalist, writer, and CASA Fellow at the American University in Cairo. She used to run an almond orchard and likes Egyptian beer when it's cold.