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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Former Egyptian President Morsi Speaks Out

In a statement released yesterday by his attorney, Mohamed Morsi called himself the “legitimate president of the Egyptian Republic” and proclaimed his removal “high treason.” The message also provided new details about Morsi’s arrest and detainment.The former president said he was kidnapped on July 2 by the Republican Guard and was detained at a naval base along with his aides for the past four months. He also said that he has not spoken with the Egyptian military and that no one had visited him except for the European Union Foreign Affairs Representative Catherine Ashton, a delegation from a group called the World Elders and a handful of investigators.

High School, University Students Detained 

On Tuesday, undercover security forces arrested and detained nine high school students who are allegedly affiliated with the liberal Revolutionary Socialists movement in Damietta, a port city north of Cairo. The students had organized a project which commemorated the 2011 Mohamed Mahmoud street clashes, in which 50 protesters were killed during a week of mass protests against the military’s “supra constitutional” control. The high school students were released, but six university students were arrested yesterday on similar charges and remain in detention.

 Pro-Morsi Protestors Sentenced to 17 Years

12 students accused of attacking Al-Azhar University’s head office during protests against the military’s overthrow of former president Mohamed Morsi were sentenced to 17 years in prison. The court set their bail at 64,000 EGP while the students appeal the ruling. Trials against suspected Muslim Brotherhood supporters and protesters continue to take place throughout Egypt. Fourteen Morsi supporters were acquitted on Sunday of charges of violence. The former president himself remains on trial for his involvement in the killing of protesters outside the presidential palace in December, 2012.

 CIA Declassifies Camp David Accord Documents

Earlier this week, the US Central Intelligence Agency released 1400 declassified documents that detail the diplomatic process behind the 1978 Egypt-Israel peace treaty. US President Jimmy Carter helped negotiate the treaty, which has been described as a leading achievement of his foreign policy, though it was later overshadowed by the Iranian hostage crisis scandal. The recently-released documents include intelligence gathered on Israeli PM Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, as well as summaries of Security Council meetings and discussions with world leaders about the peace process. President Sadat was assassinated in 1981 by a radical group that was against the treaty with Israel.

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