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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Woman Dies After Capitol Hill Chase

Police shot and killed an unidentified woman after she drove past a White House barricade and then drove to the Capitol. After she attempted to pass the barricade, police tried to stop her, but she kept driving, forcing officers to jump aside. She then proceeded to drive 70 miles per hour down Pennsylvania Ave. to the U.S. Capitol Building. On her way to the Capitol Building, she ran down an officer and slammed into a police car. Once inside the Capitol campus, policemen shot and killed the suspect, who had a young child in her car with her. The child is now in protective custody.

During the chase, Capitol Hill police agencies, including Capitol police, the Secret Service, and District police, were preparing for a wider security threat, although police say there is no evidence that the incident was the result of a terrorist attack. The buildings on the Capitol campus, including the House and Senate office buildings and the U.S. Capitol building, were placed on lockdown until authorities determined that there were no active shooters.

Boehner Willing to Break Hastert Rule to Avoid Default

According to some House Republicans, U.S. House Speaker John Boehner is willing to break the unofficial Hastert Rule (which specifies that only bills with majority support from the majority party can be brought to the House floor for a vote) to avoid a catastrophic debt default. According to these anonymous lawmakers, Boehner might be willing to vote with a coalition of Republicans and Democrats to pass a debt-ceiling increase and avoid a default. Michael Fitzpatrick (R-PA) compared the potential coalition to the coalitions that helped pass bills such as the relief package for Hurricane Sandy and the Violence Against Women Act, saying, “Hurricane Sandy, the fiscal cliff, all of the big votes require reasonable Republicans and Democrats to come together in order to pass it and get it to the president’s desk.”

The White House has been clear that failure to raise the debt ceiling (and a consequential default) would be dangerous to the world economy. President Obama said, ““As reckless as a government shutdown is, as many people as are being hurt by a government shutdown, an economic shutdown that results from default would be dramatically worse.”

Denny Hastert, the namesake of the so-called Hastert Rule, added, “Lookit, the Hastert rule didn’t exist.”

At Least 111 Dead in Boat Accident

A boat packed with African migrants traveling to Europe crashed near Sicily, killing at least 111 with 250 people still missing. The sinking started when the boat’s motor stopped and the ship began to fill with water. Passengers burned a sheet to use it as a signal flare, but this tactic caused a fire to start on the boat.

Some experts speculate that migrants have been traveling from Africa to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea as a result of recent European immigration policies. Greece recently built an eight-mile-long fence to deter immigration across its borders, encouraging some fleeing war-stricken Africa to travel by sea.

Twitter Announces IPO Details

Twitter released its IPO prospectus, kickstarting its IPO. According to the prospectus, revenue was up 44% year-over-year during the second quarter of 2013, although it has been losing money. Twitter lost $79 million on $319 million in revenue last year.

The company intends to raise $1 billion in the IPO, although some sources suggest that it had originally intended to raise $1.5 billion.

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