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Monday, November 5, 2012

Prime Minister Orders Investigation into Tory Child Sex Ring Claim

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron has asked his government for reports on allegations of a child sex ring involving former Conservative high-level politicians in the 1970s and 1980s. The move comes after the children’s commissioner for Wales, Keith Towler, asked for a new investigation into allegations of abuse at north Wales foster homes in those decades, amidst claims that a senior Tory politician was involved in a paedophile ring. Towler intervened after a victim said his claims had been “swept under the carpet” despite a three-year inquiry in the late 1990s. Steven Messham told a BBC investigative programme, Newsnight, that he was “basically raped, tied down and abused by nine different men” and that he was then told he could not talk about those who had abused him. A spokesman for the Prime Minister said that “these allegations need to be properly investigated and we need to get to the bottom of what precisely happened”.

Israel Drew Up Plans to Strike Iran in 2010

Israeli news channel Channel 2 reported on Sunday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Ehud Barak had asked the Israeli military to draw up plans and prepare for an attack on Iran in 2010. The strike was blocked because military officers considered that such an attack could only be launched after a full cabinet gave them the go-ahead. They were also concerned that the country’s forces were not ready for the complexities involved in a campaign against Iran. The order was discovered by investigative journalist Ilana Dayan, anchor of the Fact programme. She had intended to broadcast her findings in 2010, but was blocked by Israeli military censors from doing so.

Bomb Blasts Rip Through Bahraini Capital

Five bombs rocked Manama, the capital of Bahrain, on Monday. The blasts killed two people, an unusual occurrence in the largely peaceful 21-month period of protests against the kingdom’s rulers. One of the bombs was set off outside a cinema, a sign that some have interpreted as an escalation brought about by more radical elements of the island’s opposition groups. The victims were two Asian street cleaners, part of Bahrain’s large migrant worker population. “This incident is strange, why would anyone target workers”, said Matar Matar, an opposition politician with the Wefaq party. “I’m worried that police and military are losing control of their units or it is a preparation before declaring martial law”, he explained. Bahrain had banned all protests and public gatherings last week.

Miners Shot by Police in South Africa May Have Been Cuffed

Evidence uncovered during an investigation into the shooting of 34 miners at the Lonmin gold mine in Marikana by police officers last August shows that some of the workers may have been shot by police officers after having their hands cuffed behind their backs. Dali Mpofu, one of the lawyers at the commission of inquiry investigating the shootings, said that two of the bodies seen in a video made by police officers are shown to be lying face down with their hands tied. A policeman can be heard laughing as officers move among the bodies. The commission’s proceedings were interrupted several times by the cries of family members present at the auditorium. The commission was set up by President Jacob Zuma to investigate the shootings and began its work on October 1.

More than 14 People Killed Over the Weekend in Brazil’s Financial Hub

At least 14 people were killed over the weekend in Brazil’s largest city and financial hub, São Paulo, in a significant escalation of the undeclared war between the a crime syndicate known as the PCC (First Capital Command) and the city’s military police. One of the victims was a policewoman returning home from duty on Saturday night. Officer Marta Umbelina da Silva was shot by two men in front of her daughter as she was crossing the gates to her house in the northern zone of São Paulo. On Sunday, a 10-year-old girl was killed as she was caught in the crossfire between police officers and criminals in the city centre. São Paulo Governor Geraldo Alckmin and President Dilma Rousseff have agreed to set up “Operation Saturation” a task force to try to stifle crime levels in the city’s more destitute areas. More than 90 police officers have been killed in São Paulo state since January of this year.

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